Training and Mentoring

As leaders in developing human capital, Vestaf brings rigorous expertise and rich insight to the arena of training and mentoring to help customers thrive and succeed. By offering the best resources skilled in the latest of technology offerings, Vestaf is a one-stop hub for any customer looking to make a telling impact.


In a world where change is the new normal and tectonic shifts happen overnight, our rigour, passion and expertise help us make a telling impact to bottom lines by training resources in the latest technologies based on customer need.

When new technologies emerge, the availability of skilled resource in that niche is usually scarce. To help overcome this challenge and achieve business objectives, Vestaf understandsthe customer need, identifies matching candidate who have strong expertise in the related legacy technologies (which usually matches 80% to 90% with the new technology) and gets them interviewed.

Once selected by the customer,we train theselected resources on the latest technologies as per the customer need. Upon successful completion of the training, the resources are evaluated again by the customer andthe subsequent on-boarding process can then be initiated.

All the above happen within committed time lines. Vestaf’s systematic approach thus assures business continuity and helps customers achieve the business objective of swiftly harnessing the emerging technology as well. Our holistic approach and passion ensure that the resource gains all the skills to navigate the chosen path, work with ease and unleash the full creative potential thereby delivering absolute value to the customer.


Our multi-disciplinary teams ably cut across the Gordian knots stifling an enterprise and help in developing strategies and enlarging the vision.With special focus on diversity and inclusion, we share our expertise with customers and help them to firmly plant their feet irrespective of their background, race or gender. Affable and collaborative in approach with a laser focus on quality, we share skills and experience to produce practical and enduring solutions.

Some of the aims and goals of our program

1. Provide key talent and consultancy to customers to help achieve objectives.

2. Share the practical approach, strategic thinking and deep research focus.

3. Deliver a multiplier effect that breaks silos and is holistic in action.

4. Integrate cross-functional expertise and ensure that human capital is optimally utilized.